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The Gear Painting Project
I got this idea when I played around in SketchUp with the gear plugin. I had just bought and built my 3D-printer and wanted to build something cool. :)

I draw the whole gear-layout in SketchUp and started to print... The biggest gears as you can see in the pictures took about 2 hours to print.

./pix/projects/hardware/gear-painting/01.web.jpg ./pix/projects/hardware/gear-painting/02.web.jpg ./pix/projects/hardware/gear-painting/03.web.jpg
./pix/projects/hardware/gear-painting/04.web.jpg ./pix/projects/hardware/gear-painting/05.web.jpg ./pix/projects/hardware/gear-painting/06.web.jpg

Here you can see her printing some of the rest of the gears. :)

After some days of printing the gears starts to pile up...
I also needed a simple way of attaching the gears to the frame. I tried different things like a piece of plastic on a screw then a washer, gear, washer... But it was too unstable. Then I decided that I needed to do it simpler. Basically I just took a normal cardboard nail then I designed a small special washers that was a tight fit on the nail. Now the gear can rest on the special washer and I use the same washer as a lock on top of the gear. All mounted on a board of Masonite.

./pix/projects/hardware/gear-painting/07.web.jpg ./pix/projects/hardware/gear-painting/08.web.jpg ./pix/projects/hardware/gear-painting/09.web.jpg

I had to paint Masonite board of course, I wanted the background to be white.

./pix/projects/hardware/gear-painting/10.web.jpg ./pix/projects/hardware/gear-painting/11.web.jpg

So, letís start mounting the gears. Iíll start with the cardboard nails.

./pix/projects/hardware/gear-painting/12.web.jpg ./pix/projects/hardware/gear-painting/13.web.jpg ./pix/projects/hardware/gear-painting/14.web.jpg

Then move on with the gears, mount the motor and then on top the special printed washers.
The motor is an old cam timer motor that I have had for years just waiting for this...

./pix/projects/hardware/gear-painting/15.web.jpg ./pix/projects/hardware/gear-painting/16.web.jpg ./pix/projects/hardware/gear-painting/17.web.jpg

Now letís move on to the frame. I want the gears to be lit from inside, so I decided to use a led-strip-set called Ledberg from IKEA. This set comes with only 3 strips, so I bought two sets to fill all 4 sides. I power all 4 strips with the same power supply. It can handle up to 8 strips I believe.
The power supply for the leds is a small converter (230v to 12v) that sits in the wall socket. But I needed to add power to the motor and remove some unnecessary cable so I cracked it open to take a peek what I could do about it.

./pix/projects/hardware/gear-painting/18.web.jpg ./pix/projects/hardware/gear-painting/19.web.jpg ./pix/projects/hardware/gear-painting/20.web.jpg

So, to be able to connect the motor that runs on 230v and the led-strips that uses the power supply I needed a small electronics-box to mount it all in. Then I only want one cable coming from the painting going to the wall. SketchUp to the rescue. :) I designed a new casing for all the things I needed and printed it out...

./pix/projects/hardware/gear-painting/21.web.jpg ./pix/projects/hardware/gear-painting/22.web.jpg ./pix/projects/hardware/gear-painting/23.web.jpg

Fit it all together and added the hanger wire...

./pix/projects/hardware/gear-painting/24.web.jpg ./pix/projects/hardware/gear-painting/25.web.jpg ./pix/projects/hardware/gear-painting/26.web.jpg

All done...
Note: The led strips are quite bright, so they will shine through the white cardboard in the frame. To avoid that I put another layer of cardboard on the inside of the white cardboard. :)


And here is the finished Gear Painting in itís place. :)
You can also find all needed files for this project on Thingiverse.

Material note: For all printed parts in this project I used the excellent Faberdasherys 1.75mm PLA. It's very high quality and very reliable for printing.

2011-11-14 The builder Snille
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